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Using this script: We decided to run our own Ecommerce Marketplace & document the entire process. Why?

There are plenty of eCommerce scripts & solutions out there. Strangely everyone focuses on just selling their solution & nothing else!

We wanted to build a world class eCommerce solution that not only excels in Technology, but also focuses on making each customer WIN.

So, we are undergoing the same journey as you & trying every strategy to make sales happen. We will document every step and result. We will also execute the winning strategies for your business. Lets WIN!



That are crafted with extreme attention to detail.

Responsive Be it a Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone of any make - the layout of Prime Fusion fits in perfectly.
Admin Panel A secure, dynamic and responsive Admin Dashboard to control & configure the site & mobile apps end-to-end from anywhere.
Seller Dashboard A responsive & secure Dashboard for every seller on your marketplace, to upload products and manage sales on the go.
Payment gateway Paypal is integrated seamlessly to receive Global payments using any Credit Cards or direct payments via. Paypal a Breeze.
Shipment Tracking Extra care is taken to make shipment tracking easy and understandable by the Sellers via. their Seller Dashboard.
Sell Digital Products Why sell only Physical products? Now you can sell Digital Products as well ( eBooks, Music, Pictures, Files, Videos etc.)
Search Engine Every dynamic page in the entire Marketpalce is engineered to be extremely SEO friendly, so it gets an avalanche of search Traffic.
Revenue Management Built-in the Admin Panel is a cool interface, using which the site owner can manage the entire Finance section of the Marketplace.
"People shopping online has nearly tripled in the past 1 year. Expecting it to grow 10X by 2018"
"In the rate at which the eCommerce space is growing, the market can accommodate thousands of new niche eCommerce businesses in each country "
"... this is the best time to start an eCommerce venture. The more niche it is, the more the chances for an acquisition"
"Today's global B2C cross-border e-commerce market comprises approximately $900 billion and is expected to expand rapidly."


All upgrades are FREE for LIFE.

Done Using

Agatha Beatrice

"This is beautiful. Got my Toy Shop online in minutes! My online store looks solid and works like a charm. Can't still believe I got this at this rate. Cheers :) "

Agatha Beatrice
Domenico Bottari

" Ok. I should admit, these guys know their game. I not only get help with technology, but also extreme Business help. Such clarity & knowledge in the eCommerce space only fascinates me!"

Benjamin Cooper
Hailey Grace.jpg

" Thumbs UP to you folks. You don't need to ask me for a testimonial. I will rave about you guys on my Blog! Am completely sold out of this & eagerly await the next version. Thanks a Ton!"

Hailey Grace

" I have done my bit of research. No other eCommerce platform is as Business ready as Prime Fusion. The people behind this have put in their heart & soul to forge this piece of ART"

Domenico Bottari

We would love to see you WIN

Features Prime Enterprise suite
All 23 Products & Tutorials
For just $499

( Check the list of Tutorials HERE )

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100% source code
Detailed "How To" Tutorial
Web Script View Demo
Android app Mobile App
ios app
Multi Vendor Marketplace
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Products
Separate Seller dashboard
Dynamic admin dashboard
SEO friendly
Paypal payment gateway
Stripe payment gateway
Meta data/Meta keywords options for products
Digital Downloads
Social ecommerce (Like,Share & comment)
Coupon code
Shipment tracking
Commission tracking
CDN integration
Mandrill integration
Facebook / Google login
Express Delivery
Free website installation
Free app installation
Free upgrades
Free support
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You get:
- Full Prime Enterprise suite.
- All 23 Products & Tutorials

( Check the list of Tutorials HERE )

Version 1.6:  Done by 7 experts over 45 days ie. 1500+ hours spent.

Prime Fusion is everything you need to start WINNING!

PRIME Version Demo

Deluxe Version Demo


Yes, definitely a Node JS eCommerce platform out-performs a PHP eCommerce platform in all angles ( Be it Performance, Experience or Scalability ). Some of the main reasons we decided to make Prime Fusion a Node JS eCommerce platform are:

- High Performance:

A Node JS eCommerce platform follows an event-driven architecture and uses non-blocking I/O. This gives it super high performance against PHP eCommerce platforms that require a web server to run on.

- High Scalability:

Node JS eCommerce platforms prove to be very efficient for high data-intensive & real-time apps like eCommerce stores that can easily have millions of time critical transaction & run across multiple distributed devices. If configured properly, can run on high pay loads effortlessly. On the other hand PHP based applications stumble on such high concurrent transactions ( WooCommerce based shopping carts hang if your products cross 10K in count due this issue )

- Light Weight:

The event Driven nature of Node JS eCommerce platforms, makes it super lightweight. Moreover there are no dependencies for NodeJS based apps and Node.js Interpreter is smaller and light when compared to PHP interpreters. This makes pages load lightening fast.

Moreover Node JS eCommerce platforms are single threaded and concurrency can be bought in via. cluster modules.

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