People have made a habit of ordering things online today and why shouldn’t they? Everything is available online and at a price which is much cheaper than the wholesale or retail market. So, when it comes to an eCommerce business, is there a profit for the owners? The answer is pretty clear. In this article lets look at the advantages of having a JavaScript shopping cart against a Php Shopping cart.

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Starting an online eCommerce website has become very common as many small businesses are choosing this platform to showcase their artwork and other such unique types of products. Many retail stores have set up shops online to increase their revenue and this includes the clothing stores or the food retailers. Everyone is aware of the advantages of opening an online store and if you are a budding business and haven’t done this yet, then you are lagging behind in terms of a lot of profit.

Ecommerce website needs web developers who are experienced and know how to handle the back-end of the website and will also give them the flexibility of working on every aspect of the site on their own. Right from the landing page to the products page, everything needs to be set up right.

Everything on an eCommerce store is important but the most important and dynamic part of the site is the shopping cart. This is where the real conversion takes place. When the visitor on your site becomes your loyal customer, you make a profit.

Thus, it becomes paramount that an eCommerce owner knows how the shopping cart is being handled and what is going in the making of it.  If it even takes a second more to load your shopping cart or if there is any other glitch, you can as well bid adieu to your potential customer.

javascript shopping cart

What makes a shopping cart?

Apart from the products that are added by the user, there is a lot going on at the back-end of the shopping cart. There are different types of platform or languages to make an eCommerce website and the shopping cart and some of them are PHP – Hypertext Processor and the famous JavaScript.

There are reasons that today more companies have JavaScript shopping cart. They are simple and make the handling of the shopping cart easier.

The shopping cart of Prime Fusion has been built on JavaScript platform and it has become popular for its easy interface and amazing results. With Prime fusion, shopping cart has become even simpler and it ensures that the developer understands everything and there is no tension regarding the servers and its maintenance, hosting the shopping cart, presenting the brand and other such details. Prime Fusion takes care of everything.

Prime Fusion uses JavaScript as its side-server script language. So, everything that Prime fusion is able to provide to its eCommerce website is because of the language and scalable platform behind it. There are plenty of other sites which use JavaScript shopping cart as well and one of them is SimpleCartJS.

Why Prime Fusion (JavaScript) shopping cart?

Prime Fusion is not only just an option for creating the best shopping cart but it is a complete solution when it comes to building an eCommerce store. There are plenty of things when it comes to creating and maintaining an eCommerce website and as discussed above, shopping cart is pretty important. Let us look at the reasons why you should be convinced to try Prime Fusion or for that matter any platform that leverages JavaScript shopping cart?

  1. Extremely easy to use

What are the biggest problems an eCommerce site owner faces when he / she starts a site? The bizarre codes which mean zilch to the common layman! While your developer is doing all the work, you are sitting there doing nothing because you don’t understand anything and if this is what you feel, then Prime fusion is the answer to your misery. It will take care of the problems related to coding and web-hosting. So, you can might as well say good bye to your developer because it becomes very easy to start an online eCommerce store with Prime Fusion. You just need the right inventory.

Prime Fusion is known for making things simple and this allows all the entrepreneurs and budding businessmen to focus on the marketing of their products rather than the technical details of the code. All this is managed by Prime Fusion. Shopping cart management becomes much easier.

But this is not all, when customers use Prime Fusion, they get every assistance they could ever ask for. Right from 24/7 (round-the-clock) call support, email support, FAQ page that has all the answers to a detailed Prime Fusion manual that comes with all the answers, support is available in every possible manner. This manual has the answers to questions that range from starting a website to understanding the process of information capture along with management of database.

A lot of other things are there on an eCommerce website which matter and those include the knowledge of inventory display along with the display of discounts, sales and other such links that will enhance the visitor rate and consequently the conversion rate of your website. Payment and shipping are also important and Prime Fusion takes care of that as well. This covers everything that goes in the making of an online eCommerce store and thanks to Prime Fusion, a good chunk of your job is already done.

  1. Highly reliable

More often than not, consumers use internet as they want to know, or buy things or they can’t stand waiting. Web-users have lowest level of patience and they have a myriad of choices. The moment they are disappointed with a single website, they switch to another one in a second. And second is all it takes to lose sales and revenues when you are selling things online. Amazon and Google have already done their research and they found that as less as a fraction of a second is too costly. With amazon, 100 microsecond delay caused them 1% in their overall sales. Quite a big loss!

Prime Fusion also has issues when it comes to the loading time. But, the good thing is that they fix it up and when the entire team of Prime fusion is working on your website, there is no need to worry. They look after everything right from the daily server maintenance to the frequent upgrades. And since they are handling everything, you will never have to face a time lag or delay in your website’s loading time.

Moreover, it is totally natural for a website to face some minor problems regarding any aspect of it. But you don’t have to vex about that because Prime Fusion ensures that everything is right and they fix every little bug even if that takes hours and hours of work.

So, when it comes to reliability and trusting someone with your big eCommerce site, there is no one better than PrimeFusion.

  1. Prime Fusion hosts your shopping cart

There are times when a person has to work with one software or app, there are other software to be installed to basically support the core one. And this is where Prime Fusion won’t disappoint you. They host your shopping cart themselves. There is no need to install a third party or any other type of software when you decide to get on-board with Prime Fusion. Hosting is not an easy job but Prime Fusion takes care of everything. The one area which it never leaves out is the logistics. This includes the management and the payment gateway.

Another reason why Prime fusion does all the job for you is because it handles the customer list of your website so that you can use it for marketing in the future. Moreover, maintaining an inventory is not an easy job when there is constant data being changed and uploaded. But, Prime Fusion handles this as well. If you don’t get Prime Fusion, then you will be spending a hell lot of time organizing the eCommerce website and even writing and understanding those twisted and difficult codes.

javascript shopping cart

With Prime Fusion handling all the ugly tasks of your website, there is going to be a lot of time on your hands and plus you get all the revenues off your website in your pocket. Given this, you don’t even have to spend that much on Prime Fusion as it comes for an affordable price. So, instead of hurting your head with all those calculation and back-end work, you just have to leave everything to Prime Fusion and rake in the money.

  1. There is an app store

Yes, you read that right. Prime Fusion has given you a reasonable amount of deal when it comes to the functionality of it. But, that is not it. If you still feel that some features are missing from this eCommerce solution, then you can find it in the app store of Prime Fusion. There are apps available which you can easily add to your entire eCommerce package. You can take your entire eCommerce website to the next level, thanks to Prime Fusion.

Moreover, these apps come with 100% approval rating. What else do you need?

  1. The designs are customizable

Since Prime fusion is being already used by many different online eCommerce stores, there might be a confusion as to the repetition of the design and the layout. But Prime Fusion is highly customizable, it comes with tons of different themes and templates. So, if you want your website to stand out from the crowd, then Prime Fusion is giving you the chance to do so. When you are using the Prime fusion for your website, there is nothing that you cannot do. You just have to choose the design and layout that will exemplify your brand value and ethos on the site.

If you still need more reasons to go for Prime Fusion, then here you go:

  • It is open source and free.
  • Built entirely on MEAN stack so the developers who already have knowledge about this have nothing to worry about and can start working with it right away.
  • You don’t have to worry about any road map as Prime Fusion is completely business oriented. It is for people who have a focus and help them gets to their targets by organizing everything itself.
  • Android and iOS apps are something which go with Prime Fusion.
  • It has brilliant and sleek templates which you won’t get with any other developer.
  • There is an API layer which helps everyone understand the back end of Prime Fusion making things easier for the owner of the business. Just like we said above, even laymen can use this highly functional and amazing eCommerce solution.
  • The world has moved on from PHP and so has Prime Fusion. It is powered Node JS, Angular JS and Mongo DB. All these are the powerhouse that help in the great functionality of Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Are you still doubting Prime Fusion?
  • It is secure than any other thing you would find on the internet. There are plenty of steps taken to ensure that this was possible. Some of it are:
    • HTTPS is present everywhere
    • Session identifier won’t be available after logout.
    • Only secure http cookies are available.
    • There won’t be unlimited attempts to login, verify OTP, generate OTP APIs or resend OTP.
    • User data and authorization is also being taken care of.
    • Along with this, there are security headers and configurations.

There is a single and systematized documentation for the entire Prime Fusion. This leads to unification and even if one person leaves the job, the next one will be able to understand everything after reading what the entire project is about. The detailed manual also helps when it comes to understanding the seller dashboard and admin panel.

So, with the meagre price at which you can avail Prime Fusion from the market, you are saving yourself precious time which you can spend in contacting more investors for your business and marketing and promoting it on social media. Prime Fusion is build on the JavaScript language and thus it comes with an understandable and easy interface.

And if there is anything you cannot find in their various features, you can easily get in the app store of Prime Fusion. You get to create a store for your products that you want in your budget and within the market expanse that you have.

Hope you understood the advantages of having a JavaScript shopping cart. In case of any questions / clarifications do let us know in the comments section below.

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