Websites store and display plenty of information. For all intents and purposes, information is stored in databases. But, just like there are other important aspects like maintenance of the templates and themes of the site, database management is one aspect which cannot be ignored. In this post lets look at the advantages of using MongoDB eCommerce platform.

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Creating an ecommerce platform is a big thing in itself and the huge data that has to be uploaded and updated on a daily basis doesn’t make managing a site easier. Moreover, the inventory of an eCommerce store is another thing altogether. Hence, when it comes to handling such huge amounts of data, which database should a developer go for?

The ones that have been prevalent for a time now are the SQL databases. The relational databases used to handle all the details by storing them in the format of tables and rows. And this method was as cumbersome as it sounds.

MongoDB ecommerce platform

How is a MongoDB eCommerce platform different?

The next question that matters when we are talking about building an eCommerce website is how different and efficient is MongoDB? MongoDB is a database that is fairly new in the market as it evolved in the 2000s. MongoDB, unlike SQL databases, follows a different structure. It is one of the few databases that has gone NoSQL (Not Only SQL) and works on its data with the help of collections and documents instead of creating stacks of tables and rows. Documents are the basic building blocks of the MongoDB database and they help in building the collections which serve in building the data for the eCommerce site.

Thanks to MongoDB’s new approach towards database management, today many business ventures and start-ups have become possible. MongoDB is an open source software that works on the principle of dynamic schema’s. An eCommerce site that is built using the MongoDB software will have a better result and it will also ensure that the applications are built faster without any delay. The overall cost of building an eCommerce site is also reduced to a large extent.

Fast and efficient

Using MongoDB to start an eCommerce site is a great idea for various reasons and it outweighs its SQL counterparts to a great extent. The advantages of having a MongoDB software is that it has collaborated both object model and stored data in one language. Earlier, the bigger problem was that the tables of data had to adhere to the object model. This was the only way a developer could start working on the application. With MongoDB, everything is faster, efficient and consistent.

MongodDB works in the BSON (Binary form of JSON) and JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format. The documents of data is organized in the binary JSON format. Documents make up collection and the good thing about this software is that the schema of one document can be different from the other. This provides consistency and versatility to be allowed when a person works MongoDB.

There is also the feature of index and queries in this open source software. SQL database software never had this much of flexibility with their structure.

Concept of sharding

This is something which is only exclusive to MongoDB and allows the software to scale horizontally(Horizontal scalability). This process distributes the entire array of data in physical partitions. This helps the developers to overcome any hardware limitation which a web developer might face. This technique of sharding allows balancing of the clusters.

Advantages of using a MongoDB eCommerce platform

Just like the relational database systems, this one also provides the ACID properties which means that MongoDB gives you atomicity, consistency, isolation and duration.

There are no worries in this database in case of a failure in the functioning. If the primary server of the software goes down for any reason, the secondary server is set to function itself. There is no need of human involvement. It is programmed to work seamlessly.

MongoDB is the first software that is free of the schema oriented structure. It doesn’t work with relationships and despite this, it gives better results to the user. Structure of a single object with respect to the other is very clear in this software. There are no complex joins in this software as well.

If you are looking for a software that will allow the developers to have deep-rooted queries and this is it. The software supports dynamic queries. It uses a document based query language for the same and this makes it as strong as any other SQL powered database.

Developers who want to save on the memory and the money spent of making apps and websites, MongoDB can be a great help. Due to its flexibility, it has been touted as one of the databases that is cost-effective and gives a lot of storage space to the developers.

There is internal memory in this software which makes it easier to access data. So, MongoDB is not only convenient and consistent, but it is also fast.

MongoDB ecommerce platform

Overcoming the shortcomings of SQL database

The advantages of NoSQL database help the developer in creating better sites and apps. This is especially beneficial for eCommerce websites as they require a huge amount of data to be managed on a daily basis. Right from the inventory to the design and the outlook of the entire website, everything has to come out right.

Compared to the SQL databases, MongoDB is known as the database which ensures that all the power packed performance you need is there in one place. It has agile sprints, faster iteration and code pushes which are frequent.

Ecommerce and MongoDB

Given the myriad advantages of MongoDB database, it has already become the top choice among companies that are regulating and making eCommerce sites. The top examples are Magento, Prime Fusion, Zen Cart and others. Ecommerce websites need to have a SQL database. MongoDB  is the next generation database when it comes to making eCommerce sites. Open source software needs to be adapted to custom features and there is no better database to do that other than MongoDB.

The basis of a successful and functional eCommerce site is a flexible schema which is only available in MongoDB. Ecommerce websites need an open source software because there are a lot of things going on. Software will have to adapt to different things which include changes in design, conversion flows and the business processes.

When there is an in-built support to flexible and dynamic schema, developers won’t have a problem in relating the existing model to custom data structures. If this feature is not there, then the developer will have to work twice hard on the same thing and write lines of codes to just get one feature on track.

If you are working with an inflexible schema, then you might have already faced problems in creating features and this limits the creation of custom feature as the price goes high.

MongoDB has already eradicated this problem by going completely schema less. This has helped developers to make eCommerce sites. The job has become much easier and the advantages of having schema-less open source software are far more than a SQL database with lesser precision, slower performance and of course, stack of data.

  1. Faster prototype

Ecommerce websites are of different types. There are sites which are big shopping portals like Amazon, eBay and others. On the other side are the sites which are just coming up. They are small businesses and they need to perform even better to come out at the top. Hence, they cannot afford to move slowly. Custom fields need to be added quicker than before and to do this, there is MongoDB which never disappoints. It has a flexible document structure which is moved to the platform’s model interface in real time and this ensures that the site is up and running all the time.

There is no need to migrate database to add a new custom field, just writing a new code would be more than enough. All this can be done through SQL as well, but the end result is not neat and what the customer wants it to be. So, faster prototyping is possible-all thanks to MongoDB.

  1. Custom fields get queries

This was one thing that was not possible in the relational schemas, but thanks to MongoDB, queries can be launched on any code in any part of the document. This is also true for the embedded documents.

  1. Relational complexity not a concern anymore

Since there are no joins in the MongoDB database, how will a developer be able to create data relationships? But this is where the beauty of MongoDB exactly lies in; it has made relationships possible without joins. A field in MongoDB is defined as either a static one or as a callback method. With this feature, the fields can return from one document to another, thereby creating relationships.

One can see that with the help of MongoDB, eCommerce sites will get a boost in their database management software. Gone are the days when the developer was stuck with long stacks and schema’s. They can also move past the complex relational queries and fields. With MongoDB, everything is simpler and flexible. This will enhance the eCommerce sites are developed and maintained on a daily basis. To wrap it up, it is no longer about eCommerce. It is all about MongoDB eCommerce.

Hope you understood the Advantages of using MongoDB eCommerce platform. Do let us know your questions in the comments section below.

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