Web development is not a single entity and there are plenty of things that need to be mastered to ensure that a company or an online store has a fully functional website complete with various features. When we talk about web development, there are plenty of languages in which codes are written and some of the top ones are JavaScript and HTML. In this article lets do an expert comparison between a React JS shopping cart and an Angular JS Shopping Cart

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These languages in themselves are not enough to create websites that will handle loads of data on a daily basis. With internet becoming the biggest selling place for every type of manufacturer, different types of apps, functions and frameworks have evolved to serve the purpose of starting an ecommerce website.

So, the big question is about the developer frameworks and which one is the best? But, before you go pondering over that question, you should know the two main developer frameworks which are dominating this field right now – React JS and Angular JS.

Both the frameworks are known to have top-notch cutting edge software that helps the web developers build some amazing apps, both for mobile and desktop. And when it comes to online ecommerce store, this is the thing that will actually help the developers showcase their products. Before we start out on the debate as to which one will be better for your company, let us know a bit more about the two frameworks.

Angular JS

Angular JS is one of the older of the two and it has been there since 2009. Developed by Google, there have been 1.3.8 versions of it already in the market and the latest version which is going to be angular 2 is said to be launched in the year 2016. This one is used for more dynamic web apps and HTML is the language template for Angular JS. It also uses attributes and different types of custom HTML tags to provide the functionality that every DOM element needs. These attributes are versatile and usually called directives.

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The one feature for which angular is popular among its users is its data binding. Thanks to this feature and dependency injection, a developer doesn’t have to sit and write all the codes.

React JS

React JS is fairly new and is used for creating interfaces for Facebook and Instagram. And unlike Angular JS, it is a Javascript library. The reason why React JS was built is the one that answers the questions of this fast paced generation. The data in our time is rapidly changing and this is especially true for social media apps and other ecommerce websites. Hence, React JS is a framework that helps in building applications that could handle the huge amount of changing data.

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Another important feature of React is that it is built to smoothly use the JSX files (even if it is optional). This helps in keeping both the Javascript and HTML files in the same file.

Which one is better?

This is the question with which we started and to come to a conclusion, one will have to look at every feature of both the frameworks. And since we are talking about eCommerce websites and apps, the web developer will have to work on an app and website that will not only handle the user interface but the layout and functionality of the shopping cart as well. The shopping cart is the most dynamic aspect of the eCommerce website.

On one hand, React JS is considered to be the one that is known for being simple and the Angular JS is more about how easy it is to use. So, how do you know which one will be better?

Angular JS Vs React JS

There are different parameters on which one can easily compare the two frameworks and what type of website and apps it will be best for.

  1. Learning Curve

The one thing that is absolutely necessary to master the codes and the way to handle them is by learning them. And web developers are more comfortable with learning React JS. The thing about Angular JS is that it takes very little time to learn the basics of it but then, it becomes tedious as there is plenty of code. This is not the case with React JS. The one-way flow may be difficult to get used to in the beginning but once that is done, writing codes and developing ecommerce apps is easy and fluid.

  1. Packaging

Writing the code is not enough in the development of any website or app and this is the reason we have the concept of packages. Packaging is where this comes to work. A code is written and deployed and a developer should have the freedom to deploy it in the manner he/she wants. The loading time will depend on deploying and to achieve the fastest loading time (because that is extremely important for an ecommerce website or any other website), the codes written first should be deployed. Other codes can be consequently loaded based on the demand. Another reason why this feature is important and extremely useful is because it helps in working on new features and updates without altering the previous load time.

And this is one feature which can be easily found in React JS because it is made of simple JavaScript. Moreover, it has codes that can be uploaded at the whim of the user and this is the ‘requireJS’ command. Angular JS is systematic and way too rigid to allow the flexibility that is needed for packaging.

  1. Abstraction

The one thing that any developer needs to understand is the backend of a program or software or framework he/she is working with. And this is where abstraction comes in. Abstraction allows a developer to hide the back-end details and work on the codes without debugging the errors. For this, a library is used.

The abstraction of Angular JS was something that involves learning the underlying model. This is what makes it tough to carry out this process in abstraction. And for this simple reason, people are debugging the internals when they are writing codes in Angular. There are plenty of ways to treat this problem but instead of doing that, one can easily use React JS. It is not flexible in all the parts (the areas where html tags had to be added) but it has implemented mixins, which allow overlaps and hence make the entire process easier. Moreover, when it comes to abstraction, React works like a lube as it doesn’t need any point where the codes need to be checked or the back end be understood.

  1. Debugging

Debugging is an essential part of coding. If there is a slightest error in your code, then the entire program won’t run and this calls for checking the entire written code. Of course, it is a tedious job but it is important. The important step in debugging is knowing why the logic that you have put in your code is not working and then  checking all the HTML codes to get the right answer.

When a developer is writing the codes in Angular JS, then they should be aware of the fact that this framework is event driven. Simply put, it would be easier when you are writing the code but it will become tough down the line when you have check the codes for errors. The codes come out in stacks and they are often big and different. Good news about this is that angular gives a chance to the coders as the constructs in these stacks are logical.

React gets a bit simpler with its codes as the codes of React and the one written by the developer are stored in different stacks. And hence, when a developer is looking for the bugs, there would be less places to look at.

  1. Code re-use

The library of Angular is large as it has been there for a longer time. Angular libraries have a lot of ready-made stuff which developers are using for their codes. However, react also has a library that is stocked up and the best part is that the developer can use the codes the way they want it.

These are only some of the features of development frameworks that we just discussed about. There is a lot of other things that determine which one is better.

Now, why is Angular so popular even if it is the oldest in the line? React should have become the leader in the frameworks used to build online sites and mobile apps. But, this is not the case because there are reasons why Angular is still preferred.

Angular is known to solve the problems of any website development. The one main problem is of the building applications which end up on a single page. Didn’t get what it means? Think in this way. Majority of the apps that we use today, right from the social media apps to the eCommerce site, there is one view that has become dominant and that is the single page view. Scrolling through instagram feed day in and day out? And checking out the sites of Amazon or eBay throughout the day? How do we do it? We are always scrolling on the pages.

Angular is still effective in providing the best framework when it comes to building dynamic apps.

Another reason why Angular is still popular is for its data binding solution. Data binding is a complex process as it involves the synchronization between the model and the ‘view’. Now, this is the synchronization of data and model is the customer input source. Why is the synchronization important? Well, for the simple reason that whenever there will be a change in the model, the view will display that change as well.

Angular is a front-end framework and one thing that doesn’t work out in its favor is the performance leak. This causes a delay when a user is searching for a specific information on the site and one is aware how easily customers and viewers leave a site when they find a delay of a second. But news has it that the latest Angular 2.0 framework is super fast and an Angular JS Shopping Cart would be perfect.

React JS is best for handling a large amount of data and the proof of this is that is handles the DOM (Document Object Model) pretty well. The way react works is pretty simple and different from Angular as it creates a virtual DOM in Javascript which is further used to ensure that there are no bugs in the final output. For sure a React JS shopping cart would be perfect and reactive.


There is no simple answer to the question of which is better – Angular JS or React JS. And the reason for that is that both of them have their own perks when it comes to creating an online website or even a dynamic app. Many people are biased towards React JS because of its latest technology and back-end models. It has a better interface and the virtual DOM is one thing that Angular doesn’t have.

Moreover, supporters of React JS also like it better than Angular because of the minimal code that one has to write in React. But again, Angular has its own features and it does provide a state of art backend for the dynamic apps of today like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The answer lies to individual framework developer and the type of website or application they are developing. Both the frameworks are equally good and even if Angular has a lot of features, some web developers might need all that features. On the other hand, the flexibility of React may be useful to some while others may be able to work with the rigid structures of Angular.

The simplicity of React and its flexibility is something that resonates with this generation but at the same time, Angular makes an impact with strong templates and data binding. Hence, instead of deciding which is better, a developer should go with a framework that suits their developing needs or go for the combination of both the Angular JS and the react JS as this could provide for the drawbacks of each of them, creating something new and unique. Though the article was not particularly focused on comparing a React JS shopping cart with an Angular JS Shopping Cart, you might have learnt the significant difference between constructing an Angular JS Shopping Cart vs running a React JS shopping cart.

Please do let us know of any questions you have in the comments section below 🙂

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