Internet has made almost everything easy for us and people, who are doing business, know this very well. Right from running a site to engaging customers, there are a lot of things that are done with the help of the internet. Earlier, HTML was the language that was driving the websites including the ecommerce ones. But, since the competition has become fierce and there are new players in the market, React JS was born. Lets look at a review of the Top 10 Bootstrap React JS eCommerce templates in this post.

Made by Facebook, this JavaScript framework for designing and running websites is extremely feature-rich. It was launched recently, in the year 2009 and has garnered praises as well as managed to have a huge follower base. Many web developers have switched to the React JS to ensure that their sites layout and everything else is in perfect sync.

The advantage of using React JS is that it doesn’t require heavy coding. The mechanisms are simple and React JS is known for its flexibility. Updates are done as soon as something new pops up in the technological arena. Other popular social media which is using the React JS framework is Instagram. If you still more convincing names when it comes to companies using React JS, then you would be glad to know the names of AirBnB and Netflix.

If you are building a business and have already established stores across the country, then you would already be aware of the fact that you cannot do without a proper website to support your business. Every customer is looking for a legitimate website of the company that they are planning to buy from.

Not only this, having a good ecommerce store will give a company substantial boost in their revenues and the sales conversion. The catch here, however, is the development of the website. Ecommerce stores are not easy to start and maintain. Many businessmen give up the idea at the beginning as it requires a lot of work, time and investment. Others decide to hire website developer to do the job for them and instead get duped.

So, if you are looking for a place to start an ecommerce site, then you should instead get a good template from a legit source. This will save you time as well as money. How is that possible? The answer is simple. There are plenty of web and app development frameworks which do the job for its customers. Node JS and React JS are one of many. But, since you don’t have any experience in the field of coding, you should stick to React JS. It takes less time to learn and works on virtual DOM. Thanks to this DOM, the entire functionality of the website becomes fast.

Sites that will help with the react JS templates

React JS ecommerce templates sound the right thing to go for. But, where do you start? The first thing that you will have to do is find all the sites that sell React JS ecommerce templates. They have various designs and themes, when it comes to choosing a template for your ecommerce store.

When you are purchasing a template for your website, it is important to choose the one that will give you space for creating your inventories and getting a bit creative. Your ecommerce site is going to be your trademark and you cannot afford to have any glitches. Earlier, web developers were supposed to handle each and every part of the ecommerce store, but with React JS eCommerce template, you get everything in one place. These templates are more like pre-designed websites which just need information of your website.

It also becomes important to purchase these templates from a site that is legitimate and has all the right license. Envato is one online market where there are plenty of sellers of legitimate and highly flexible templates.

  1. ThemeForest

This is one place for buying and selling all types of HTML templates & React JS eCommerce templates. CMS sites like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla also need themes that have to be updated every now and then. This is the place where you can buy everything related to building a site. The good part about ThemeForest is that it is organized and gives you a low down of everything based on the complexity and the design of the template. The pricing are also mentioned on the sites making your job easier.

ThemeForest is a big market when it comes to meeting new web developers or designers on the block. Every developer sells his / her best template on this site and since you are getting a great price, you can purchase the one template that shall suit the requirements of your ecommerce store.

Since it is a big community, you can always ask questions and discus things on this website. All the tips and tricks that a web developer should be aware of are on this site. Not only will you get to buy the latest and the best template for your ecommerce store, but also the latest news in the world of web development.

React JS eCommerce templates

  1. Code Canyon

Another store at Envato is CodeCanyon. It is one step ahead of Themeforest as it not only has templates based on HTML but also the ones that run on Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET and Java. There are plenty of languages and frameworks available on this site based on the complexity, usability and the quality of the templates.

Anything that you purchase on CodeCanyon is 100% safe because Envato only allows sale and purchase of those templates and themes that are legitimate. The authors of these templates are checked for authentication. Everything is tested before it goes for sale. Moreover, if there are any changes made to any single template, then it will be reflected on the website as well.

  1. Wrapbootstrap

Unlike the above two mentioned marketplaces for buying templates, this one is independent of Envato. Designers and developers will now have the freedom to buy and sell their original React JS eCommerce templates in this market. Bootstrap is an up and coming framework which is built on the JavaScript language and it allows the developers to have varied levels of customization. Every developer will be able to move away from the default styles of templates and create something that will help them in getting the right type of template. If you are looking for a great template for your new ecommerce store, then you may find one here. Everything here is licensed and authentic.

  1. Start React

Another marketplace, this one is for those who want to explore the various options when it comes to buying the React JS templates. Ecommerce templates are also available but the thing about Start React is that they give you templates for every type of site. For any other commercial site, you get to buy templates that will make handling the site easier.

When it comes to purchasing a template for your website, it all comes down to the type of business you are starting. There are plenty of ecommerce stores to choose from. The clothing store to the electronics store or the store which sells everything, you need to be clear about the niche of your website.

After deciding this, a business owner can easily choose the right type of template for their website. Ecommerce stores need a lot of work which includes inventory, product pages, tracking the traffic of the site. Updating it every day to ensure that everything important is covered on the website and the whole layout and look of the website is also important.

Thus, choosing the right type of template becomes paramount. It is this initial step which will determine the future of your ecommerce website.

Web development has become much easier in today’s time thanks to React JS. It is the cooler version of everything that was used to create websites before. And if you want to try some cool JavaScript enabled React JS template, then you should check out these.


If you need a great template, then Rubix is the one. It is an admin template which not only comes with the power of React JS but also Bootstrap web development framework. So, you get the benefit of these two amazing frameworks with this amazing and highly responsive admin template. React uses UI components and this is what the Rubix is made of. Adding to these amazing features for your ecommerce template is the charting library – Rubix charts. This is exclusive to this template and has been made by the developers of Rubix.

Rubix is great at supporting every type of online website but the latest development is that it can help in building universal JavaScript applications. The backend programming of Rubix is easy as well. And it comes with responsive layouts because it can easily adapt to every type of medium out there including desktop, laptop, tablet and phones.


This one is different than the usual admin templates and comes with a unique flat design and responsive interface. This helps you in supporting your ecommerce website with great precision. SmartAdmin has been made by integrating a number of different frameworks which include the React JS and Rubyonrails version. It works for the best of the websites because it not only has interactive UI components but also answers the Jqueries and is updated with all the latest plugins regarding the same. It has been hand coded completely which ensures that it is perfect for any type of ecommerce site.


This is one of the premier ecommerce template that has every bit of modernity that you will need for your website. It is not only powerful but has a clean interface which allows for better transactions and interactions on your ecommerce website. It is also the fastest template because it has been coded properly. Moreover, Mstore can be integrated with almost every type of CMS that you might need to when you are setting up your online business.

One stop solution for everything – PrimeFusion

Every store mentioned above provides you with templates, but what if you had a site that will help you develop your entire ecommerce store at one place. There are plenty of ecommerce platforms available in the market today, but the best one is PrimeFusion because it is literally the one stop solution for all your ecommerce needs.

React JS eCommerce templates

Scripts and solutions are needed when you are building a site that is supposed to be the best and provides every information without any glitches. PrimeFusion is the best for setting up your ecommerce store because of its distinctive features which are:

  • When it comes to handling everything on a site, it is better if there is a single place where you can get the entire work done. PrimeFusion gives you an admin panel which is highly responsive and delivers great performance for your site.
  • It is highly responsive for the simple reason that it can integrate with every layout perfectly. Right from being a mobile app to a desktop one, it does its seamless job from everywhere.
  • Managing sales of your products would become super easy with PrimeFusion’s responsive seller dashboard. You can easily upload the products and manage the amount of products that are being sold. This also helps in tracking the shipments in a seamless and efficient manner.
  • Payment modes are well integrated so that your ecommerce store can afford international shipping as well. Paypal is the ultimate payment gateway and PrimeFusion allows your website to have payments done from every country.
  • Amazon has gone all out and started selling digital products as well (read Kindle and Amazon Prime for movies) and if you are also planning to venture in that area, then PrimeFusion will help you with that as well.
  • It creates a site for you which will be SEO friendly as well. The finances of the site can be easily managed with the responsive revenue management provided by PrimeFusion.

PrimeFusion has become the comprehensive eCommerce marketplace solution because it gives everything under one umbrella and creates a website which will also have the appeal to stand out from the rest of the ecommerce sites.

Hope you learnt about the best React JS eCommerce templates in the market. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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