Ecommerce has become a popular thing globally. Everyone is making use of this revolutionary thing and it has allowed people to showcase their products or artworks on an international level. You can purchase a thing from another continent today because you can have a look at it on the shop’s website. And if you are not already shopping online, then you are not only missing out on great products but also amazing deals that could save you plenty of money. In this post lets look at the list of Top 10 BootStrap Shopify Ecommerce templates.

Shopify Ecommerce templates

Likewise, ecommerce is a great place for businessmen who want to give a global exposure to their products. It always helps to have more visitors and when you have buyers overseas, you will get even more profit. This is the reason why every big ecommerce store like Amazon and eBay have decided to ship to every continent and they are at the top.

So, if you are a budding business and want to earn better revenues for the efforts that you are putting in your online store, then you should think about making a website that will not only attract potential customers but ensure that they buy from your site. This is the first and foremost thing that you should be able to tick off from your list when you are developing your website.

The visual appeal matters the most and what people see when they visit your landing page (the first page on any website). Starting an ecommerce store is easy. You must be thinking about hiring a web developer and let him/her handle the work. While it looks easy, there are a lot of other things that you will have to take care.

Developing the site is easy but maintaining it is the part where things can go haywire. This is why you should know about ecommerce templates. Instead of hiring developers and spending money and time on them, buying a template from a trusted store is what you should be doing.

Bootstrap ecommerce templates have become very popular when it comes to creating an ecommerce store. The templates made by Bootstrap and Shopify are meant for that business who have no idea how to go around the back-end codes of a website.

What is Bootstrap?

There are plenty of web development frameworks that have evolved over the years. So, why should a person go for Bootstrap? It has been designed for laymen. You don’t have to be familiar with coding languages to get a hang of BootStrap. It is a framework that makes front-end development of websites very easy. Be it any device or any type of website or application that you need for your business, you can get it done in a very little time with the help of Bootstrap.

Shopify Ecommerce templates

If you are not convinced about the fact that BootStrap is what you need for your website development, then the following features will help you make up your mind.

  • It comes with pre-processors that are known for making things easier – Sass and Less. These CSS pre-processors will help you in writing new source code or you can work on the pre-compiled CSS, whichever suits your web designing needs.
  • It adapts to every device that you need it on. Right from the desktop version to the mobile version of your website, it scales down everything to a single code base with the help of CSS media queries.
  • Not only you get to work on a great template, but you also get additional features which make everything easier for you. With BootStrap, you can easily customize and provide documentation with common HTML elements. There are plenty of CSS and HTML components along with jQuery plugins to make everything seamless and smooth.


An open-source ecommerce platform that is helping small business owners to achieve their dreams of creating ecommerce sites within minutes. Shopify is an ecommerce solution that gives everything to you. You don’t have to rely on anyone else and will have the freedom to customize everything on your site as per your wishes.

Having an ecommerce site is paramount for a successful business and that is why Shopify gets you plenty of templates and themes that will represent your personal style and brand signature. Shopify ecommerce templates let you take charge of everything and you will be able to handle every aspect of your business from one place. In order to do this, Shopify gives you the following features:

  • Adding new sales channel is no longer a problem.
  • Having multiple orders? You can fulfill all of them in one single step.
  • Customize your entire store according to your taste.
  • Handling inventories and unlimited products won’t be a problem anymore.
  • Thanks to ecommerce templates, you will be able to track the sales of your products as well.

So, if you want to start your website and don’t have much time to waste, then you should have a look at these amazing bootstrap Shopify ecommerce templates that will help you in setting up your website. Also, Shopify is also aware of the fact that mobile phones have become a dominating factor when it comes to generating revenue for an online business store. Since half of the customers/visitors are on their mobile phone, it is important to choose a Shopify ecommerce template that will be responsive on a mobile/tablet as well.

  1. Brooklyn

This is one of the popular Shopify Ecommerce templates, that will help you in understanding the layout of your online store. You can view your store’s outlook on every screen type. It adjusts to every resolution to give your site the look that will draw in more customers. It has a unique design which is highly responsive and comes with dynamic product page and typography options. This template will work best for a business that is going to focus on clothes and accessories.

  1. Solo

This template is well-suited for every type of business. However, if you are a budding business and won’t be requiring a humongous inventory, then you should go for the solo template. Some of its intriguing features are homepage which can be rearranged, responsive designs. Moreover, if you want a template that will be able to show one product properly on a single page, then this is what you are looking for. It has all the standard features that you are looking for.

  1. New Standard

Not decided on a single niche till now? Then this template will help you out. You can start any type of website on this template. It is also popular with its minimalistic design and clean interface. It is complete will all the standard features but has been added with new and updated features which will make your website even better. You now get a responsive layout that can be optimized for mobile. This layout will give you the option of displaying the products on slideshow as well. It holds the 3rd position in our list of best Shopify Ecommerce templates.

  1. Supply

Want to manage the huge inventory of your ecommerce store? Then Supply is the template that will help you get everything sorted in one place. If you are planning on going big and have already created a huge list of all the products you will be selling on your website, then this is the template that will help you in browsing through the entire list in a few minutes. And for this reason, some of its unique features are great navigation, sidebar filtering, homepage collections. It can also be easily integrated with another type of apps for the purpose of review.

  1. Startup

Flexibility and attention to details are what you get to focus on with this template. The homepage of this template will serve as a starting point and will represent the ethnicity of your entire online business all on its own. If you are a merchant that wants to focus on a limited number of products, then you will have the right features with this template.

  1. Minimal

If you want to go for a vintage look for your ecommerce store, then this is the template that will help you in achieving the best results. It is for those ecommerce websites that want to look beautiful and trendy at the same time. This template is not only pretty but also responsive and loaded with features that will make your website even better. Thanks to its flexibility, you get to customize everything on your store which also allows for better layouts on your site along with killer product views and collections. It holds the 6th position in our list of best Shopify Ecommerce templates.

  1. Alchemy

This is a template which is well suited for every type of business. It comes at a meager cost of $150 which is an investment that you can make for a great online store. This template is highly responsive and comes with gorgeous graphics and will make your website look like a piece of artwork. It has features that will bring out the full potential of your website and the products that you are planning to display on it. Some of these different features include a parallax header, row ordering, and retina ready graphics. So, with this template, you get amazing and endless options to customize your store.

  1. Showcase

Just like the name suggests, this template is only for those sites which want to showcase their unique and exclusive collections. If you are starting up a boutique and want a place to show that to everyone, then this is the template that will be perfect for it. Artisans and craftsmen will find showcase perfect for their online ecommerce store. This template will allow you to showcase each type of product in the full-size image which will be in high resolution. It gives you full-screen galleries, stellar graphics, and multi-level menus. This is a one of a kind template for every artist and their business.

  1. Icon

If you want to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience, then this is the template that will help you achieve that feat. It focuses on sales and customer conversion and has aligned its features accordingly. It has a sticky header, sticky sidebar along with parallax scrolling images. The icon is a responsive and beautiful Shopify ecommerce template that you can get for a small price of $140. It also gives the customers the option to hover on the adjacent image. So, if you want a website that gives a luxurious feel to your customers, then this is it.

  1. Retina

Got an exceptional business idea and want an equally exceptional template, then Retina is the best template for you. You can get this Shopify ecommerce template at a reasonable price of $160 and the best part about it is that, it is an award-winning template. The reason for this is that it is loaded with futuristic designs and features. It also has versatile and flexible setting options for your website. You can accommodate all the high-quality images through this template and it gives you a responsive layout for your ecommerce website. You can even add product videos and it easily adapts to the mobile version of your ecommerce store. Everything is seamless and smooth with this exceptional template. It holds the 10th position in our list of best Shopify ecommerce templates.

Each of the templates mentioned above has their own features which are perfect for a particular type of website. But, if you want everything in one place and have the right of the type of customization, then PrimeFusion is an ecommerce solution that has emerged out at the top in the recent years. This is an open source ecommerce solution that will get everything in one place. It has is made on Angular JS framework which provides all the features that are needed to create a great ecommerce store.

Primefusion is all about world class technology which has the only aim and that is to make the entire process of creating an online eCommerce store easy and accessible for everyone. The layouts and themes are not only responsive but highly customizable which has been possible with Primefusion’s attention to details. So, if you are looking for an ecommerce solution that not only gives you a template but everything else in one place, then PrimeFusion is your best option.

Hope you got all the information related to the best Shopify ecommerce templates. Do let us know your questions in the comments section 🙂

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